Air liquid convertible tube valve for bus and truck

convertible tube valve for air liquid tyre

Air liquid convertible tube valve & valve stem  for bus and truck

chcek  Screw-on large bore convertible tube valves for off road vehicle to get more details of convertible valve .

Item NO. A(mm/in) B(mm/in) Tire Section width
TR440 85/3.35 75/3.0 7.00-7.50
TR441 105/4.13 95/3.7 7.00-7.50
TR442 115/4.53 105/4.1 8.25
TR443 125/4.92 115/44.5 9.00
TR444 140/5.51 130/5.1 10.00-12.00
TR445 155/5.7 145/5.7 13.00+


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