Bent valve for bus &truck

bent tyre valve for truck&bus valve

Bent valve for bus &truck

Use for φ16(.625″)Side Hole Rim Mountings.

compare with Straight valve for bus & truck .

Item NO.(TR NO.) ETRTO NO.(REF.NO.) Ref.Length(mm/γ°)
TR570C V3.21.9 φ19×84/90
TR571C V3.21.10 φ19×90/90
TR572C V3.21.11 φ19×99/90
TR573C V3.21.12 φ19×115/90
TR574C φ19×131/90







TR570-27 φ19×84/27
TR570-35 φ19×84/35
TR572-35 φ19×99/35
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