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Tubeless valve for bike

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bike tubeless valve34mm-red-aluminium-tubeless-valve-stem



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Tubeless valve for bicycle


Material: Brass & Aluminium available

Length: 32mm / 34mm / 36mm/ 40mm available.

Bottom: Square & Bottom

Difference: Aluminium material is lighter than Brass,Anything that’s lighter and comes in various anodized colors immediately has our attention,  less rotating mass, particularly important on a part that can throw off the balance of the wheel.

Rubber base make a perfect air-tightness when screwing valve ring (compress the rubber against rim)

Fit almost any tubeless set up

Easy to Inflation.

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France style bike valve

bike rubber base valve

bike rubber base valve

bike metal base clamp in valve

Bike metal base clamp in valve

Item No. Rubber Base dia (mm) Stem Length (mm) Length(mm)
V1.02.1 Φ25 26 33.5
V1.02.2 Φ18 32 39.5
V1.02.3 Φ21 32 39.5
V1.02.4 OV 18 X 30 32 39.5
V1.02.5 OV 20 X 40 29 36.5

Bike valve

rubber covered valve for bicycle valve

Rubber covered valves for bike

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Item No. Base dia (mm) Length (mm)
Z1-09-1 Φ28 or Φ25 29
Z1-09-3 Φ28 or Φ25 34
TR1 Φ28 or Φ25 34

rubber base valve for bicycle


Rubber base valve for bike

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Item No. Base dia (mm) Length (mm)
Z1-12-1 28 34
Z1-12-2 32 34
v1.04.1 25 26.5
Z1-10-4 25 26.5


Metal base clamp in valve for bike

Item No. Base dia (mm) Length (mm)
Z1-13-1 Φ15 or Φ14 30
Z1-13-2 Φ15 or Φ14 30


No tube valve

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