Clamp down metric rim hole Valve

metric rim hole valve for clamp down tyre

Clamp down metric rim hole Valve


O-ring seal for steel wheel

Φ9.7(.390’’)rim hole

Accessories with cap, bore, inner O-ring.

Item  NO.(TR NO.) DIN NO.(REF.NO.) Ref.Length(mm) Angle Bendγ
V3.20.1 41MS-00 φ16×41 STR
V3.20.2 95MS-17 φ16×95 17.5°
V3.20.3 82MS-00 φ16×82 STR
V3.20.4 90MS-27 φ16×90 27°
V3.20.5 70MS-27 φ16×70 27°
V3.20.6 115MS-27 φ16×115 27°
V3.20.7 80MS-27 φ16×80 27°
V3.20.8 119MS-12 φ16×119 12°
V3.20.9 102MS-12 φ16×102 12°
V3.20.10 80MS-28 φ16×80 28°
V3.20.11 φ16×100 27°/42°
V3.20.12 100MS-27 φ16×100 27°
150MS-27 150MS-27 φ16×150 27°
V3.20.1H 41MS-00 φ16-H14×41 STR
133MS-27H 133MS-27 φ16-H14×133 27°
97MS-30H 97MS-30 φ16-H14×97 30°
V3.20.4H 90MS-27 φ16-H14×90 27°
V3.20.1NI Nickel plated φ16×41 STR
V3.20.4NI Nickel plated φ16×90 27°
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