Clamp up valve for passenger car &Light truck

clamp up tyre valve for passenger car & light truck 1

Clamp up valve for passenger car & Light truck

Item NO.(TR NO.) ETRTO NO.(REF.NO.) Ref.Length(mm) RIM Hole(mm/in)
V-1 WH271 φ11×40  φ6/.236″
V-2 WH272 φ11×46
V-1S WH273 φ11×30
V-1E φ11×40
V-3 WH23A φ14×33


V-4 WH206 φ14×43
V-5 TR48E φ14×48
V-6 WH204 φ14×53
V-7 TR63E φ14×63
PVR98 φ14×53/15°  φ11.5/.453″
PVR98A φ14×53/30°
PVR201 φ14×76/85°
V-8 TR26A φ16×34


VS-8 TR26G/PVR43A φ16×38
V-9 JS43E φ16×43
PVR75A VS-8-45/WH303 φ16×53/45°
PVR75B φ16×53/30°
PVC70C VS-8-90 φ15×63/90°


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