Dual foot air Gauges

dual foot air gauges

Dual foot air Gauges

ITEM NO. REF.NO. Description
TG664 VH664 dual foot truck, gauge pencil type,4 sides nylon bar, calibrated 10-130psi/100-900kpa
TG665 VH665 dual foot service gauge, 4 sides nylon bar calibrated 10-150psi/100-1050kpa
TG665M VH665M metal bar dual foot service gauge, 2 sides metal bar, calibrated 10-150psi/ 100-1050kpa
TG668 VH668 straight push on 30,degree reverse angle service gauge.4 sides nylon bar, calibrated 10-150 psi/100-1050kpa
TG668M VH668M metal bar straight push on 30” reverse angle service gauge,2 sides metal bar, calibrated 10-150psi/100-1050kpa
TG669 VH669 Straight push on 30 ┬░reverse angle service gauge, 4 sides nylon bar, calibrated 10-130 psi/100-1050kpa.
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