Metal caps &plastic caps

metal or plastic caps

Metal caps & plastic caps

ITEM NO REF NO Fit thread Description
AT N-1202 8V1 Dome style chrome cap
ANT 5998 8V1 for use on chrome sleeve valves,new
BT(1-2) 8V1 dome chrome hex cap,or nickel plated
CT(1-3) VC2 8V1 Metal screw driver cap, dip or Nicel or knurling
DT(1-3) VC3-L 8V1 long metal dome cap,nikel or Cr or stamped
ET(1-2) PVC16 8V1 all hex metal cap, Nickel or Cr
FT(1-2) VC3(S) 8V1 Short metal dome cap, nickel or Cr
GT(1-2) 360008 8V1 Hex head cap,Nickel or Cr
HT(1-2) VC12 8V1 Dome type cap,nickel or Cr
VC4 1759 8V1 cap fits AD1 or N-4 Adapter
VC5 2525 8V1 Hex sealing extension cap
DST N-1121 8V1 Double sealing extension cap
VC8 VC8 8V1 plastic cap
VC8-S VC8-CL 8V1 plastic sealing cap
VC8-E 8V1 plastic screw driver cap, black
AD1 AD1 8V1 Adapter converts large bore to standard valve mouth
N-4 8807N-4 12V1
VC6 8971 12V1 large bore crew driver top cap
VC7 8971H 12V1 large bore hex top cap
VC10 VC10 12V1 dome large bore cap
VC618  - 12V1 plastic cap, for TR218A series
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