Rubber base valve for bus and truck

rubber base valve for truck and bus tube

Rubber-Base Valves & valve stem for bus and truck

Suitable with Straight or bent valve

Rubber base dia φ95(3.75″)  or φ83(3.25″)or φ70(2.75″)

check Air liquid valve for tractor and agricultural car to compare with rubber covered valve .

Item No. Ref.  Length
Z1-01-1 Φ28 x 30/45/86°
TR227A Φ26 x 30/50/86°
TR274A Φ26 x 30/60/86°
TR75A Φ26 x 30/75/86°
TR76A Φ26 x 30/85/86°
TR177A Φ26 x 30/95/86°
TR77A Φ26 x 30/105/86°
TR177A Φ26 x 30/115/86°
TR78A Φ26 x 30/127/86°
TR178A Φ26 x 30/140/86°
TR179A Φ26 x 30/140/86°
Z1-01-9 Φ28 x 30/158/86°
Z1-01-10 Φ28 x 30/178/86°


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