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Tire air Gauges

pencil tire air gauges

Pencil tire valve air Gauges


dill style pencil gauges

Dill pencil gauges

ITEM NO. REF.NO. Description
TG659 VH659 Straight push on standard passenger gauges, 4 sided nylon bar, 2 sides calibrated 5-50 psi/other 50-350kpa
TG660 VH660 SR9350 Air-liquid tractor gauges, for air&liquid filled tire, 4 sides nylon bar,2 sides calibrated 5-50 psi/other 50-350 kpa
TG661 VH661 SR7760A standard passenger gauge, 4sides nylon bar,2 sides calibrated 5-50 psi/other 50-350kpa.
TG662 VH662 SR8101A Truck pencil Gauge, 4 sides nylon bar,2 sides calibrated 10-130 psi/other 100-900 kpa
TG663 VH663 SR7765A low pressure tire gauge,4 sides nylon bar,2 sides calibrated 1-20 psi/other 10-140kpa
TG660-E X2-10C pocket air pressure gauge, for tractor(air liquid type), eaton type TG661,calibrated 5-50 psi/50-350kpa
TG661-E X2-10A pocket air pressure gauge for passenger car, EATON type TG6611, calibrated 5-50 psi/50-350KPA
TG662-E X2-10B pocket air(all purpose service) pressure gauge for truck & bus, EATON type TG 662.calibreated 10-130psi/100-900kpa
TG663-E X2-10L pocket air low pressure gauge, EATON type TG663,1-20psi/10-150kpa

color pencil tire air gauges with tough plastic head


ITEM NO. REF.NO. Description
TG661P SR1040A Standard passenger gauge radial type,4 sides nylon bar, calibrated 5-50 psi/50-850kpa, 5 pastel color, metal barrels.
TG662P SR1041A high pressure truck& bus gauges-radial type, 4 sides nylon bar,calibrated 10-130 psi/10-900kpa,5 -pastel colors, metal barrel.