Tank valve

tank valve

Tank valve

Use for air tanks, steel barrels, compressors, and other pneumatic containers where dependable automatic air valves are needed. Valves are equipped with standard valve core and sealing caps for operating pressures to 1.4MPa(200P.S.I).

Item No. Ref No. Ref Length (mm) Descriptation
TK V1 H10 X 25

1/8’’ NPT tank valve

TK V2 H14 X 27
TK V3 645L H11 X 33
TK V4 17-593 H11 X 22
TK V5 9166L H14 X 22
TK V6 H12 X 25
TK V7 H14 X 36
TK V8 1498L H14 X 33 1/4” NPT Tank valve
G-V4 TKVC4/ H11 X 22 Clock Gauge with 1/4” N.P.T TKV4 Tank valve


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