Truck & bus valve flexible extension and holder

Extensions with Nylon hose

Extensions With Rubber(R)/Stainless-Braided Rubber(RS)/Stainless-Braided Nylon(PTFE)(S)Hose

check large bore metal(brass) valve extension & truck & bus valve extension ,to know more details of flexible valve extension and valve extension.

ITEM NO. RC NO. Length (mm)
EX75R/RS/S V2615 75
EX105R/RS/S V2616 105
EX125R/RS/S V2617 125
EX140R/RS/S V2618 140
EX160R/RS/S MP35114 160
EX180R/RS/S V2619 180
EX210R/RS/S V2620 210
EX250R/RS/S MP35117 250
EX270R/RS/S V2621 270
EX300R/RS/S MP35119 300
EX335R/RS/S V2622 335
EX370R/RS/S V2623 370
EX430R/RS/S V2624 430
EX475R/RS/S V2625 475
EX500R/RS/S MP35124 500
EX695R/RS/S V2626 695

Extensions with Nylon hose for truck and bus

ITEM NO. RC NO. Length (mm)
EX125R/RS/S-90 V2633 125
EX140R/RS/S-91 V2634 140
EX180R/RS/S-92 V2635 180
EX210R/RS/S-93 V2636 210
EX280R/RS/S-94 V2637 280
EX340R/RS/S-95 V2638 340
EX360R/RS/S-96 V2639 360
EX430R/RS/S-97 V2640 430
EX460R/RS/S-98 V2641 460
EX500R/RS/S-99 V2642 500


Holders/Fasteners For Flexible Valve Extensions

FVE1(V2660)Simple Holder
FVE2(V2665)Double Holder
FVE3(V2668)Double Holder

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